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SEMINO is a leading consumer lifestyle brand that uses emerging technology, innovative electronic devices. Semino specializes in a wide range of beauty and electronic products with trustworthy and cutting-edge technology that are well-liked and respected by customers all over the world. We deal in epilators, beauty led photon therapy masks, callus removers, straighteners, dryers. wide range of trimmers etc

Why Choose Us

We aim to provide world-class beauty and electronic products and services in India that match the international standards and are affordable. Our belief is more than just in the outer beauty, we care about the health of the skin and in the true inner beauty. We are a thorough process-driven and not just an instant result-claiming brand. We aim towards enhancing the life and quality of your skin and thrive to contribute to the overall health of your skin with our advanced approach technology.
We at Semino aim to provide best advance quality products as per customer convenience.

SEMINO mission is to improve people’s living through meaningful technology. Achieving that requires a connected enterprise that enables their best ideas to quickly get to market. Through the use of a undergo research and optimization SEMINO is undergoing a global transformation in order to put the right product information in the hands of the customer who need it as per the availabity.

Leaders at SEMINO know that the company’s mission to improve people’s living through continuous approach and fulfilling that mission is what drives everyone at SEMINO to achieve product advantage in the global marketplace.

SEMINO always belives in "BEAUTY MEETS TECHNOLOGY" as per emerging trends and and is right choice of customers.

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